No Timer Test

Your Fire/Intrusion System has reported a No Timer Test signal. A No Timer Test signal indicates our central station has not received the programmed timer test report distributed from the panel to our central station receiver. When a No Timer Test signal is received, verification of panel communication to the central station must be conducted to ensure the panel is functional.
Timer Test signals are programmed to be distributed every 24 hours and indicate a healthy communicating system when a Timer Test signal is received. Here are some items that may cause a No Timer Test to occur:
  1. Phone lines changed from analog to digital (ask if phone company was out recently)
  2. Phone line service could have been canceled/disconnected (call designated fire panel phone numbers to confirm)
  3. Area code could have changed
  4. An intermittent fault that may involve phone line issues
  5. Dialer equipment may be damaged
  6. Programmed phone lines on the panel are changed to a house line or vice versa. (Ex: dial 9 before phone number to reach outside line), reprogramming will be needed.
HCI Systems Inc. will notify each time in regards to these signals due to the vital function it hold to preserve the safety of the building and its occupants. For questions, concerns, or service, please call 877-331-2084 or email in regards to this AC Loss signal.

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