Fire Suppression Systems

HCI will assess your facility, evaluate current needs and anticipate future issues for special hazards, server rooms, data centers, cell sites, clean rooms, and similar critical use areas. We have a multitude of solutions such as early detection, CO2, optical and heat detection. HCI has access to the latest safety products such as a clean agent solution that can actually extinguish the fire prior to any water discharge. HCI Systems offers a wide range of fire suppression products to all your needs:

fire suppression syste

fire suppression system

FM200 systems and or Pre-engineered clean agent systems are perfect for server rooms, data centers, medical record rooms, telecommunications centers and facilities with sensitive electronics. Let us help you install, service, and test your fire suppression system.

vesda air sampling

VESDA detectors is much like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks air from the protected environment through pipe fittings and samples the quality of air passing through the VESDA detection laser chamber.  VESDA system has a proven track record and has been developed beyond traditional fire alarms.  Our experts can design, install, and service your VESDA system.


Foam Supression System

Large areas such as airports, laboratories and or stadiums need a foam fire suppression system. At HCI Systems we will design, install and monitor your Foam Suppression System.

clean agent room integrity testing

Room integrity testing will assure the protected room will hold the agent for the required period of time.  HCI can test your fire suppression system making sure your equipment is protected from a fire.

door fan

kitchen hood fire suppression systems

Wet Chemical is extremely effective on fires in restaurant ventilation equipment, as well as in a variety of cooking appliances. When the agent reacts with hot grease, it forms a layer of foam on the surface. This blanket of foam acts as an insulator between the hot grease and the atmosphere. At HCI we can install, test, and service your kitchen hood system.

novec fire suppression system

When fire breaks out in server rooms, data centres, museums and other sensitive environments, sometimes the solution can be as damaging as the fire. Using inert carbon-based chemical that powerfully fights fire also safe for property, people, and to the environment. It looks like water but doesn’t cause the damage normally associated with water because it contains no moisture. Our fire suppression experts can install, maintain, and service your novec fire suppression system.

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